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Here’s the problem: You like eating fish. It tastes nice and it’s good for you, and those cans of tuna in the cupboard are a godsend when you can’t face putting on outside clothes and going to the supermarket like an adult. But you’ve read enough articles and watched enough terrifying Netflix documentaries, to know that eating fish all the time isn’t doing the ocean or the planet any favours.




We understand that if you choose an alternative to fish, it better not taste like cardboard. Challenge is, making plant-based food taste as good as the real thing isn’t easy. To get ours right, we decided to focus our efforts on tuna until we’d really got it in the can (or pouch, if accuracy is important to you).

Our plant-based tuna is the reel deal. We start with the humble but brilliant chickpea, blend it with rice and peas, add in a bunch of natural herbs, spices, and oils. Then we combine it in the unique process we invented to create fish free tuna flakes, and pop it into a pouch. Tastes as good as tuna, without harming our oceans. Give it a try, you’ll be hooked.



Eating real fish is good for you. To make the swap as enjoyable as possible, allow us to present to you a high protein, high in Omega 3, vegan, gluten free, soy free and chemical free alternative. And surprisingly given that long list, it also tastes great too. As good for you as the real thing, without harming any real fish. You just can’t argue with that.

Action is needed to protect our oceans and the delicate balance of life in them. We need to fish responsibly, support sustainable aquaculture practices, and make conscious choices about the seafood we eat. And we need to do it now. So let’s make like crabs, and be snappy about it.



If one person swaps their usual tuna cans for Tasty as F*SH, it probably wouldn’t make that much difference and we’d definitely go bankrupt. But if lots of people make the swap, then we could be onto something.

So much canned tuna is eaten globally that reducing its consumption could have a huge impact on the fishing industry. By swapping to Tasty as F*SH, you’re taking positive action for the planet, our ecosystems and the people and animals who live in them. And we need as many people as possible to jump in the boat and make the swap with us.

So, get your head out of the sand and join the de-bait. And while you’re at it, drag your friends along for the ride too.



We’re aiming to be as sustainable as we possibly can. This means that we’re only working with suppliers with likeminded ambition, and who can guarantee as fair and save work environment.

Ocean plastics is one of the most damaging issues we’re facing today. For that reason, we’d love our fish free tuna to not have any packaging at all. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be very practical if we’d ask you all to come to our office to curveball the tuna flakes at you, and we’d probably face some issues on food safety.

Therefore, we’ve packed it in the world’s first recyclable retort pouch. While that might not sound very remarkable to you, it’s actually a pretty great thing. We now just need you to throw it in the recycling bin and wait until it’s remade into a new pouch.

We’re trying to keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible, by keeping our production process energy inexhaustive as we can and our road miles as low as we can. We aim to become completely CO2 neutral (or even positive, as we’re ambitious people)


We’re looking for the right charity partner(s) to team up with for our mission, and that allows you to do your part. Please reach out if you’re a charity, an effective altruist with a great idea or project, or an individual with a brilliant proposal. Only together we can change things for the better.